Media: Russia is getting ready to launch airstrikes on Aleppo

The Russian Navy group, headed by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy, is preparing to launch strikes on rebels in Aleppo. This was reported by citing a source in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to, the strikes will be launched on the remote outskirts of the city and not on the residential areas.’s source stated that the Russian military intends to use Kalibr cruise missiles and the naval aircraft to carry out this operation.

“The main task of the flotilla, along with the other ships from the Russian Black Sea fleet, the strategic naval aircraft and the aircraft from the Khmeimim airbase, is to launch missile and aircraft strikes on the militants trying to break into Aleppo at the remote outskirts of the city," the source stated.

The Times previously reported that President Putin was planning to start a full scale military operation in Aleppo within the next few days.

  Aleppo, Russia, Syria