OSCE Observers Fired upon near Kominternovo

Members of a special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine were fired upon near the settlement of Kominternovo in the Volnovakhsky district of the Donetsk region, as reported by the Press Service of the SMM on Sunday evening.

The incident occurred on Sunday, December 27th, at around 11:20.  The observers’ cars came under fire by small arms munitions and were forced to return to the separatist-controlled Donetsk region.  No members of the mission were injured in the attack.

"Today, December 27, 2015, at 11:20 there was an incident involving small arms fire near Kominternovo.  None of the SMM employees were affected and OSCE vehicles were not harmed.  After the incident the SMM team was forced to leave the area immediately and return to the DNR controlled Donetsk base,” the message reported.

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