Nine Towns Left Without Electricity in Crimea

Nine towns in Crimea were left without electricity when a high voltage transmission line broke down. The Russian government press service reported that the Simferopol REN (Regional Electric Networks) suffered a damaged power line that generated 35 kW of electricity. The towns of Hvardiiske, Sofiyivka, Sovkhoznoye, Malenkoye, Zhuravlevka, Shirokoye, Divnoye, Storozhevoye and Kuprino were deprived of power as a result. Repair work is currently ongoing.

On December 30th, Ukrainian power supplies were halted after Ukrainian activists blew up transmission pylons in Kherson region. The power line has since been repaired but Ukraine completely halted power supplies to the occupied Crimean peninsula anyway because the supply contract expired at the end of the year.

Now, annexed Crimea generates its own electricity and also receives power from Russia and the Kuban-Crimea energy bridge. Many residents complain about unfair distribution of energy among regions.

  Crimea, Russia, power supply, blackouts