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  • An accident on Russian power bridge causes major blackout in Crimea

    Several large cities in annexed Crimea were left without electricity. The local head of the Russian Ministry for emergency situations reported that the cause was an emergency shut-off of the automation on the 220-kv Taman-Kafa line, reported Hromadske.

    Over a hundred thousand Crimeans felt electricity cuts. To restore power supply, the pro-Russian authorities of the peninsula involved about 30 emergency teams.

    Local website Kryminform reported that the power supply of the Leninsky district of …

  • Major blackout hits Crimea

    On Friday, 28 July, another blackout hit the annexed Crimea. The blackout was reportedly caused by an accident in Krasnodar Krai in neighboring Russia.  

    It is reported that there is no power in the cities of Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Kerch, Feodosiya and other places.

    The Russia-controlled Ministry of Fuel and energy of the Crimea also confirms the loss of power throughout the peninsula. According to the Minister Vadim Belik, the Crimea was "completely without electricity" due to an …

  • Russian JCCC contingent refused to guarantee safety of electricians to repair power lines near Avdiivka

    The Russian contingent of the Joint Center on Control and Coordination of issues related to the ceasefire refused to guarantee the safety of electricians during the repair of power lines in Avdiivka. The Director of Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant, Musa Magomedov told 112 Ukraine TV that, “The maintenance crew already left an hour ago for Kostiantynivka, where they are based, because we received an official rejection today. The employees of DTEK [Donbas Fuel and Energy Company] were unable to …

  • Krymenergo: About 30 settlements were left without electricity in the Crimea

    As reported by the press service of Krymenergo, about 30 settlements in the Crimea were left without electricity due to adverse weather conditions.

    "On the eve of February 8th as a result of the deterioration of the weather conditions (gusty winds up to 25 m / s, frost, icing, a storm warning declared for February 8-9) the electricity supply was disrupted in 27 Crimean settlements, in 8 of them the disruption was partial (mostly in the Rozdol'ne, Pervomaiske and Saki regions)," the statement …

  • The Baltic States decided to abandon their Russian power supply

    The Baltic States decided to disconnect from the BRELL power supply system, which connects Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with Belarus and Russia until 2025, Delfi reported, referencing JSC Latvenergo Chairman Aris Zhigurs.

    According to Zhigurs, separation from the power supply mains of the former USSR states will affect the cost to consumers but to what extent depends on the ability to attract European volume and financing. Zhigurs also said that a decision was made to synchronize the Baltic …

  • Latvia and Estonia will build a new power transmission line in order to 'become less dependent on Russia'

    Latvia and Estonia are launching a new and, according to their declaration, very important project for the countries’ energy security and energy market. Elering, an independent Estonian electricity and gas transmission system operator, has announced that they will be accepting proposals for the design and construction of a third high-voltage connection between the power systems of Latvia and Estonia, Delfi reports.

    It was estimated that the project will cost 172 million euros. It will be …

  • Chinese companies to build solar power stations in Chernobyl

    Thirty years after the Chernobyl accident, two Chinese investment companies plan to build solar power stations (SPS) in the 10-km exclusion zone around the Chernobyl reactor. The construction is expected to start in 2017, as was reported on Monday, November 21 by Reuters. GCL System Integration Technology, a subsidiary of the GCL Group, said it would cooperate with China National Complete Engineering Corp. The planned location of future solar power stations was repeatedly checked by technical …

  • Russia has not found investors for the construction of a power plant for the Crimea

    A Russian contract proposal for the construction of a power plant in the Krasnodar region, needed to support the annexed Crimea, has not received any bids, reported Reuters.

    No companies have submitted bids for the contract, and authorities subsequently deemed the proposal invalid.

    The proposal planned to search for new investors to fund the construction of the 450 MW capacity power plant on the Taman Peninsula by 2018. The power plant is needed to supply power to the Krasnodar region of …

  • Emergency power outages continue in the Crimea

    On Sunday, July 10, the electricity supply to villages in the Saki region of Crimea was interrupted.

    According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations press service in Crimea, Tunnelne, Shtormove and parts of Uyutne villages experienced power outages.

    The power outage left 3,609 people in the dark.

    The department says that all the important infrastructure systems are functioning normally.

    On the eve of July 10, part of Sevastopol experienced a power outage due to an accident in the power …

  • Canadian business leaders want to build power plants in the Chernobyl zone

    The Ukrainian Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Ostap Semerak, discussed the investment attractiveness of the exclusion zone for renewable energy during a Canadian-Ukrainian business forum, stating that a number of Canadian investors are interested in the possibility of constructing solar power plants and biofuel plants in the exclusion zone, the agency’s press service reported.

    “Canadian investors are interested in the possibility of constructing biofuel plants and power stations in …