NATO to supply Ukraine with demining equipment for use in Donbas region

NATO intends to supply Ukraine with equipment to be used in the clearing of land mines in the Donbas region.  This was reported by the Acting Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO, Yehor Bozhok, during the workshop entitled "Research challenges in the field of border security of Ukraine".

“Ukraine will receive the demining equipment in the spring.  It will be ready by the beginning of the so-called season of clearance, which is in May,” Bozhok explained.  According to him, the need for this equipment became especially urgent after pro-Russian separatists in temporarily occupied territories “literally stole all of the equipment of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine".

While discussing these developments with Evropeiskaya Pravda, Bozhok said that “two complete sets of equipment, including cars and clothes” will be delivered.

“One set of equipment will be used in the Donetsk region while the other will be used in the Lugansk region.  Each set is designed for the use of 11 employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine,” Bozhok explained.  According to him, this equipment will be allocated within the framework of NATO’s “Science for Peace” program.

  Ukraine, NATO