NATO ex-official urged the US Congress not to allow the lifting of sanctions against Russia

Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Alexander Vershbow, urged the U.S. Congress to restrict the removal of anti-Russian sanctions.

"Congress should act before the U.S. President, Donald Trump, unilaterally lifts sanctions against Russia," he wrote on Twitter.

Vershbow noted that the U.S. sanctions imposed in connection with the events in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine may be canceled by the President without the consent of Congress as the sanctions were initially imposed by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

In January, a bill that would complicate the removal of sanctions was presented by Senators Ben Cardin and John McCain. Should the law be adopted, the President will have to address the Senate and explain why he considers it necessary to reverse the sanctions.

Earlier, Politico news media reported that the White House was preparing to lift sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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