Naftogaz: Ukraine could receive $50 billion if the court rules against Gazprom

The Director of the Business Development at Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, has said that if the Stockholm Arbitration Court rules against Gazprom, the Russian company would be liable to pay $50 billion in damages to the Ukrainian company. He said this during an interview with Ukrainian Hromadske TV Channel.

“The total claim amount is $50 billion, of which $30 billion is compensation for gas that was not provided by Gazprom, or gas that we overpaid for. The remaining $20 billion is related to additional cash flows that we will receive after the decision is made in Stockholm,” Vitrenko explained.

According to the authorities, Gazprom is attempting to delay the process.

“There is an on-going process and they are trying to delay it. The hearings will begin in autumn this year. For any questions asked by the Russians, we have provided reasonable answers which were verified by the foreign experts. If there are no political obstructions, we are confident that we can prove the validity of our claim in court,” Vitrenko said.

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