Media: Russia will retain two military facilities in Syria

Russia plans to retain two military facilities in Syria after it reduces the number of troops stationed in the country, Interfax reported.

"Russia will retain two military objects in the country, the Russian air group at the Hmeymim airport and the greatly expanded and modernized naval facility in the city of Tartus," Interfax's source stated.

According to news agency’s source, the Russian air group at the Hmeymim air base will continue to be covered by the powerful S-400 air defense and anti-aircraft missile system, as well as by the advanced Pantsir S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system. Moreover, the reduction of the Russian forces will not affect the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system and the Bastion coastal defense missile system. The same systems will cover the Navy’s logistic base in Tartus, but the base will be upgraded to accept cruisers.

On December 30th, 2016, a new ceasefire regime came into effect in Syria, and Russia announced the reduction of its Armed Forces there. As a result, according to the Defense Ministry, the first six Su-24 bombers were relocated to Russia and the plan is to withdraw more aircraft shortly.

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