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  • Russia to expand military and naval bases in Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the government's proposal to sign an amendment to the 2015 agreement on the deployment of a group of Russian military aviation in Syria. The document that has been published on Kremlin’s website of the legal information requests that the Russian Defense Ministry negotiate with the Syrian government the transfer of additional real estate and water area to the Russian military.

    "To instruct the Russian Defense Ministry to hold talks with the Syrian …

  • Russia to invest $500 million to modernize Syrian port of Tartus

    In the next four years, Russia plans to allocate $500 million for the modernization of the Syrian port of Tartus, which has been home to the permanent Russian naval base from 2017.  

    "The Russian side intends to streamline the work of the old port and build a new trading port," said the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov during a working visit to Syria, as cited by TASS. In addition, according to Borisov, a new railway will be built through several Syrian regions, connecting Syria with …

  • Two Russian submarines arrive at naval base in Syria

    Two Russian submarines and two warships are currently stationed at the Russian Navy base in the Syrian port of Tartus, reports Russian Defense Ministry.

    "Yesterday, the submarine, which had been performing tasks at sea for three weeks, docked in Tartus, and the crew is resting in the Tartus base," reports Interfax news agency quoting the Navy Commander Sergei Tronev.

    He noted that the second submarine, having filled up stocks, prepares for going out to the sea. According to Tronev, three …

  • Israeli reconnaissance plane approaches Russian naval base in Syria

    An Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft was seen flying 60-65 kilometers near the military base of the Russian Navy base in the Syrian port of Tartus, reports news outlet with reference to ADS-B Exchange air traffic monitoring service. This is the first time that the Israeli plane came so close to the Russian naval base.

    According to, the plane was most likely interested in air defense systems, including the Russian S-300 missile systems, which provide security from the …

  • Media: Russian naval base in Syria comes under regular attacks

    Despite the fact that there have not been any Russian Defense Ministry’s reports about attacks on the Russian naval base in Syria, militants regularly attack Russian warships and the Russian Navy base in Tartus, report several Russian news outlets.

    "Air defense systems that are deployed in Tartus, systematically shoot down drones that terrorists send to carry out attacks on Russian facilities. However, missile systems cope with these attacks easily. No flying weapons were able to reach their …

  • Moscow’s successes in Syria: Two churches built and monitoring of Israeli airspace began

    The once obscure and underdeveloped Syrian port city of Tartus has turned in a short time into the largest closed water space in the area, with modern berths and shore-based ship life support systems. In an article for the Russian news outlet Izvestia, Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin writes that the bay could comfortably accommodate “an entire flotilla”.

    According to him, the developed infrastructure established in the bay can accommodate the crews of ships and submarines. The …

  • Russia to open naval shipyard in Syria

    By the end of August, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet will have an operational shipyard at the Russian naval logistics point in Tartus, Syria,  TASS reports citing a source in the ship repair industry.

    “In Syrian Tartus at the end of August, the Black Sea Fleet’s ship repair complex will start operating to provide minor repairs to the ships and submarines of the Russian Navy’s permanent operational units in the Mediterranean Sea,” the source said, noting that modern machinery has been purchased for …

  • Russia to lease Syrian port of Tartus for 49 years

    Sometime next week, Russia will begin its 49 year lease of the sea port of Tartus in Syria for transport and economic use, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov told reporters on April 20 following a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    In 2017, Russia and Syria signed an agreement on the deployment of a Russian navy logistics support center in Tartus for a term of 49 years. A similar agreement was reached about the RF “Hmeimim” air base in Latakia, Syria.

    “The key issue that will …

  • Media: Russia sent a large landing ship to Syria

    A large Russian Navy landing ship (BDK) named Nikolay Filchenkov entered the waters of the Mediterranean through the Black Sea straits.

    Turkish media reports that the ship went through the Bosporus and is heading towards the Syrian port Tartus, where a Russian Navy logistics base is located.

    The Turkish media published the photos of the ship which was accompanied by s Turkish coast guard boat. Observers concluded that it was carrying a heavy load.

    On November 8th, a large landing ship of the …

  • Russia to reinforce security of military bases in Syria

    Russia plans to intensify the security of the Khmeimim and Tartus bases in Syria, Deputy Defense Minister Yuriy Borisov announced on Saturday.

    “Today we have prospective designs which may work effectively against drones. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is not only developed countries, but terrorists too, who are making use of modern technologies,” he remarked.

    In January, militants attacked the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Syria using drones. The Russian military …