Media: Russia did not oppose Israeli Air Force strikes against targets in Syria

The Israeli leadership has warned Russia of its intention to launch air strikes against targets in Syria, and Moscow did not oppose the Israeli intentions. This, according to, was written by Gregg Carlstrom, the correspondent of The Times newspaper and The Economist magazine.

It should be noted that Russia and Israel are using coordinating activities in Syrian airspace to prevent accidental incidents between Israeli and Russian warplanes.

Yesterday, Arab media reported that the IDF Air Force attacked a convoy of trucks in the area of Damascus, as well as the fortification of Assad’s army in the Syrian capital. It has been reported that the strikes occurred at around 1:15 am. The attack was directed at the convoy, moving not far away from the highway Damascus-Beirut. It is believed that this transport was carrying weapons for militants of Hezbollah.

The fortification of the Syrian army in Damascus was also attacked. As a result of this strike, ammunition storage belonging to the 38th Brigade of the 4th Army was destroyed but no casualties were reported.

The IDF press office refused to confirm or deny those foreign reports. "We do not comment on the information published by foreign sources," the representatives of the army press service said.

Authorities in Damascus, however, held Israel responsible for carrying out missile strikes at targets near the Syrian capital on November 30th.

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