Media speculates that separatist leader Motorola could have been shot before the explosion in his apartment

Arsen Pavlov, known as ‘Motorola,’ could have been shot along with his guard in an elevator of his own apartment building before their bodies were blown up. This type of assassination would ensure that all aspects of the crime were concealed, Ukrinform writes.

This possibility for the removal of the separatist appears in a paper prepared by the Center of Forensic Science (CFS) of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The document was obtained by a Ukrainian hacker group who indicated it was retrieved from the work computer of the head of the CFS, Svetlana Sherstobitova. There is a high probability that the information is real, according to a former employee of the Ukrainian special services who spoke to Ukrinform.

The document discusses the actions of bomb disposal technicians who arrived immediately after the bombing of the building where Pavlov lived. Upon arriving at the scene, the group of experts examined the scene and found and seized a number of items. In particular, at the assassination site, they found bullets which were later were taken by investigators from the Military prosecutor’s office and the Ministry for State Security of the so-called DPR (Donetsk People's Republic). The examination of these items was not ordered.

Earlier, it was reported that there were no security cameras in the entrance hall and just before the explosion security guards were removed from Motorola’s house.

Motorola was killed on 16 October in Donetsk as the result of an explosion in the elevator of his apartment building. The DPR authorities placed the responsibility for Motorola’s death on Kyiv.

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