Lithuanian Army receives off-road vehicles from the Netherlands

In late June and early July, Lithuania started receiving used military Mercedes-Benz GD SUVs from the Netherlands.

This was reported by news portal Delfi with reference to the Ministry of the Defense of Lithuania.

In total there will be 150 SUVs joining the Lithuanian army’s fleet.

The vehicle delivery to Lithuania started on June 27 and the transfer will end on July 15.

On the basis of a bilateral agreement, the Lithuanian army buys used military vehicles – Mercedes-Benz GD SUVs for various purposes, DAF tractors and trucks, and trawls – from the Dutch armed forces.

The vehicles are being delivered to Lithuania in stages; 15 vehicles were delivered to Lithuania at the end of last year; 18 evacuation SUVs, trawls and dozens of trailers were delivered in April. The remaining vehicles – SUVs, trucks and trailers – will be delivered in 2016 and 2017.

The overall project costs €7 million.

  Lithuania, Netherlands