Lithuanian Ambassador in Kiev: Cooperation between Ukraine and NATO continues to increase

Marius Janukonis, Lithuania's Ambassador to Ukraine, stated in an interview with Apostrof that recently, the level of cooperation between NATO and Ukraine has increased significantly. The country appears certain of counting on the Alliance’s support in modernizing its defense system.

"There are more events, more Ukrainian servicemen engaged in military exercises at NATO standards, more servicemen involved in joint exercises,” a diplomat described.

“A serious reform of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the whole defense system is taking place. I think it is. Ukraine is coming closer to NATO and NATO’s standards," said Janukonis.

He assured that "Ukraine can count on the support of and participation in NATO programs, gaining experience from NATO, as well as the modernization of its defense system and Armed Forces.”

"NATO is not just about military affairs or defense but also lots of various programs. It is science, environmental protection and many other spheres. Unfortunately, not all people know this,” the Lithuanian diplomat noted.

Sociological research shows Ukrainians are more likely to support Ukraine’s joining NATO. According to the results of the research of Kiev International Institute of Sociology carried out from May 20th to June 2nd, 43.9% of respondents support joining the Alliance while 38% are against. 18.1% were unable to answer the question. Ukraine’s joining NATO is supported by 59% of Ukrainian soldiers. Earlier it was reported that NATO will consider Ukraine’s application to join the Alliance.

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