Media: Israeli aircraft bombed a Syrian S-300 missile complex and a weapons warehouse

On Tuesday, March 7, a report by journalist Georges Malbrunot was published on the French newspaper Le Figaro’s Twitter account. Malbruno stated that on the eve of January 13, Israeli F-35 planes destroyed warehouses in Damascus where Pantsir systems intended for Hezbollah, as well as a battery of the S-300 surface-to-air missile system were stored.

The attacks were carried out near Mezzeh Military Airport and Mount Qasioun, not far from the presidential palace, the French journalist writes with reference to his own sources. Le Figaro is cited by a number of Israeli media outlets, particularly the Times of Israel.

It was on the eve of January 13 that a series of powerful explosions was heard at the Mezzeh Military Airport in Damascus, an important strategic air base. This was reported by Syrian state television. According to eyewitnesses, a strong fire started on the site; many ambulances arrived on the scene.

The Syrian Army accused the Israel Defense Forces of conducting a missile strike at the airbase. They warned Israel about the possible consequences of this "blatant attack.” This was reported by the Syrian state agency, SANA.

Damascus accused the Israeli military of supporting terrorist organizations, including Jabhat al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army, according to the message of SANA.

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