Lawyer: Savchenko has only four or five days

The lawyer for Nadiya Savchenko, Nikolai Polozov, wrote on his Facebook page that his client has four, maximum five days left.

“As I expected, Nadiya has been administered intravenous infusions throughout the day. She showed me her hands – all her veins have been pricked, there are no live veins. The doctors searched for veins on her legs as well. Her health status is bad… The lack of water in the body for the ninth day of the dry hunger strike has destroyed Nadiya’s internal organs. Her overall condition has a negative impact on her mood. Her emotional state is extremely poor,” Polozov reported.

Also, the employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service transferred the results of blood analyses, which they took from Savchenko on Monday and today, to Consuls. The results will be transferred to doctors in Ukraine for their expert opinion. Nikolai Polozov noted that Savchenko’s sister Vera wasn’t allowed to visit her.

“Nadiya was looking forward to today’s meeting with her sister Vera, after that she was going to make some hard decisions. I’m afraid that the refusal of the Chief of the Pre-Trial Detention Centre to allow Vera to visit will serve as a catalyst for Nadiya’s decisions. She will refuse further testing and examination by the Russian doctors and continue the dry hunger strike without regular observation starting tomorrow. Taking into consideration her health status, she has four, maximum five days to live," Polozov added.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, stated that Russia is in contact with the Ukrainian authorities on the issue of theextradition of the Ukrainian pilot, Nadiya Savchenko.

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