Kremlin called US decision to monitor Russia’s ports ‘a step towards war’

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council (upper house of the Russian Parliament) Konstantin Kosachev said  that the US bill which requires the monitoring of Russian ports to enforce the sanctions on North Korea can be equated to “a declaration of war”, RIA Novosti reports.

"This Bill, I hope, will never be implemented, because it assumes a forceful inspection of all ships by American navy”, he stated.

Kosachev stressed that “such a scenario is unthinkable since it means a declaration of war”.

According to the Senator, the bill does not comply with the International law. He noted that no country or international organization, including the UN, “has entitled the US to enforce the implementation of any resolutions of the UN Security Council”

Previously, the United States Congress approved introduction of the new sanctions on North Korea.

The document adopted by the Congress implies that special monitoring of Russian ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka and Vanino can be conducted to enforce these sanctions.

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