Klimkin: Attracting US business to Ukraine is a huge priority for Kyiv

Attracting American investments in Ukraine is one of Kyiv’s top priorities, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said.

In an interview with ZN.UA, Klimkin noted that the trading policy of the new U.S. administration is still under development. "I, for example, do believe in global markets, free trade, exchange of services, capital and, of course, labor. And I believe that the openness of Ukraine is its fundamental advantage, and we must use it… for attracting American business. Specific projects will be discussed because attracting American business is now really a huge priority," he said.

The Minister confirmed that the Secretary of the National Investment Council, former head of the Presidential Administration, Borys Lozhkin is currently visiting the United States. On February 24, Borys Lozhkin addressed representatives of leading U.S. companies on prospects of further cooperation with Ukraine.

"[His agenda is obvious]; Lozhkin is the Secretary of the National Investment Council. For us, in fact, it is absolutely necessary to attract American business on a completely new qualitative basis. Because if you look at its presence today, it is, putting it mildly, not enough. For obvious reasons, U.S. companies operating in the energy sector did not fully implement their plans," Klimkin emphasized.

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