NATO Secretary General Concerned over Russia's Nuclear Arsenal

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Jens Stoltenberg, expressed concern about Russia’s possession of nuclear weapons. According to Stoltenberg, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has threatened to use them. He stated in an interview with Bild on the 14th of February that Russian troops routinely conduct training exercises related to the deployment of nuclear weapons.

Stoltenberg has made it clear that NATO will not quietly observe nuclear threats. According to him, the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons shouldn’t be lowered. “Nuclear weapons will be a part of our containment policy as long as it exists,” the politician noted.

However, Stoltenberg didn’t call Russia an enemy, as, according to him, Putin does maintain a relationship with the Alliance. “The world is too complex to divide it into enemies and friends. We will not be able to resolve the largest conflicts without Russia,” the Secretary General of NATO added.

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