Jaresko assures attendees at investment conference that the Ukrainian government is not in crisis

Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko refutes the notion that the government is in crisis, and assured attendees at the Dragon Capital investment conference in Kiev that the current Cabinet continues to fully perform its duties.

"We have a legitimate government, and we will continue to work," Jaresko said at the 12th annual conference, as reported by Interfax.

According to her, many of the rumors about the crisis in the government are due to speculation.

"I believe that the speculation about a change of the Cabinet is unacceptable ... We have done considerable work: we have restored the reserves of the Central Bank, restructured foreign debt, which allowed us to avoid significant payments in the coming months, the situation is not so much a crisis as in the past year,” she explained.

When asked about her readiness replace Arseniy Yatsnyuk as Prime Minister, Jaresko said that the decision will be made when there is an actual change of government. For now, she will continue to service as the Minister of Finance.

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