Italian regional council calls for a review of the EU's policies towards Russia and Crimea

The Liguria Regional Council in northern Italy has voted in favor of a resolution which calls on the government and parliament to review the EU’s policy towards Russia and Crimea. This was reported by Genova24.

The Regional Secretary of the Northern League and the author of this initiative, Edoardo Rixi, said that all members that were present at the meeting voted in favor of the resolution. These included representatives of the center-right majority.

“The unanimous approval for our resolution by the Liguria Regional Council strengthens our region in our fight against the absurdity of the sanction regime against Russia, which has resulted in the suffering of our small and medium-sized enterprises,” Rixi said.

The resolution authorizes the Liguria National Council to work more actively with the government, with parliament and with European institutions. The goal is to review relations between the EU and Russia, to promote the establishment of a committee which will demand that the sanctions be lifted, and to encourage the Italian government to condemn the policy of the EU regarding their non-recognition of Crimea’s annexation.

It was previously reported that on the 18th of May, the Regional Council of Veneto, a north-eastern region of Italy which has its center in Venice, supported the resolution.

After Veneto showed its support, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed its country’s position on the non-recognition of the 2014 Crimean referendum and on extending Russia’s sanctions until the Minsk Agreements are fulfilled.

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