Israel carries out another airstrike on Assad’s Army in Syria

Israeli aircraft attacked the positions of the Syrian government forces in response to the accidental shelling by Syria, reports the press service of the Israeli Air Force.

It was previously reported that a shell, reportedly fired from Syria, had exploded in the northern part of the Golan Heights. There were no reports of casualties.

Israeli authorities admitted that the bombardment was accidental. However, it was noted that Israel regarded the actions of the Syrian army as an unacceptable and an encroachment on Israel’s sovereignty.

Israeli helicopter had struck two positions of the Syrian military: east of Samadaniyah and on the outskirts of al-Ba'ath.  

This is the fourth Israeli strike on the positions of the Syrian government.  

Previously, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian Army positions in the Al-Ba'ath area twice and bombed artillery units near Samadaniyah.

According to the Syrian military command, two soldiers were killed and another 25 were wounded as a result of air strike. Damascus called Israel's actions an aggression and accused Israel of “air support for the offensive of the terrorists in the Golan Heights”.

The border between Syria and Israel is about 80 kilometers long. In addition to the forces of the Syrian government, there are dozens of other militant factions operating in the area, including Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS.

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