Herashchenko: Gryzlov will not change Ukraine’s stance in Minsk

On December 26th, Vladimir Putin appointed Boris Gryzlov as new representative of the Russian Federation in the Trilateral Contact Group. Gryzlov is a permanent member of Russia’s Security Council and was the former Head of Russia’s State Duma.

The Ukrainian President’s Commissioner for Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Iryna Herashchenko, wrote on her Facebook page that the appointment of Boris Gryzlov to the Trilateral Contact Group will not change Ukraine’s position.

“Russia has never hidden its regard for Ukraine as a vassal state. Unfortunately, the fifth column in Ukrainian politics that contributed to this was extremely powerful. No one will betray Ukraine in Minsk. Instead we have clear and strict guidelines: defend national interests and protect Ukrainians,” Herashchenko wrote.

"Whoever Putin has appointed, our position will be unchanged. Russia has to implement the Minsk agreements and leave Ukraine!” Iryna Herashchenko added.

The Trilateral Contact Group is due to resume its work in Minsk on January 13th.

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