Head of Ukrainian State Security: No attempts on Yanukovych’s life were made

 The head of the of State Security Department (SSD) of Ukraine, Valeriy Heletey, stated that there were no attempts made on the ex-President’s life.

"The investigation concluded that there was no evidence of attempts on the ex-President’s life,” Heletey said in an interview with Segodnya.

"All the servicemen from the State Security Department who were part of Yanukovych’s last cortege and refused to leave Ukraine with him, were interviewed; none of them identified any attempts,” he said.

At the same time, he did not exclude that the head of Yanukovych’s personal security, Kostiantyn Kobzar, could have told him there were alleged attempts. "I don’t exclude, knowing Yanukovych’s personality and his phobias, that Kobzar did a lot to create fear concerning the security of his boss, while at the same time, enhancing his credibility in the eyes of the protected person."

Heletey also indicated that 15 employees of the State Security Department left Ukraine with the ex-President after writing dismissal reports and surrendering their state identifications, service weapons, and special vehicles.

Yanukovych reported an attempt on his life after his escape from Kyiv in February 2014. He stated that his cortege was fired upon. He also stated that he was shot at by his allies, including the then speaker of the Rada, Volodymyr Rybak. Rybak himself has denied this, calling it absurd and a lie.

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