Girkin: 'A regular army' is fighting against Ukraine in Donbas

The former ‘Defense Minister of the DPR,’ Igor Girkin (Strelkov), said that those fighting for the ‘Republics’ of the Donbas against Ukraine is not a ‘militia,’ but a ‘regular army,’ as said in an interview with ROY TV, a short excerpt of which was uploaded to YouTube.

"There are no ‘militia’ there ... They are contract soldiers, who, for 15,000 rubles (or $254 USD), which is very good money there, will shoot their own people if necessary. There are these types of people in a number of units ... There are enough people who do not care about anything at all. And this is not a 'militia.' I emphasize, the militia is no more. This is the so-called regular army," Girkin said.

Previously, Girkin took responsibility for the start of the war in the Donbas. "After all I am the one who pulled the trigger of the war. If our detachment did not cross the border, it would have all ended the same way as it did in Kharkiv and Odessa. There would have been several dozen dead, burned, arrested, and everything would have ended that way. But in actuality the war, which is still going on, was unleashed by our detachment," Girkin said.

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