Georgian Foreign Ministry calls Putin's visit to Abkhazia a 'cynical act'

Georgia’s Foreign Ministry has called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s to Abkhazia "a continuation of the deliberate policy" by Moscow against Tbilisi.

"This cynical action on the ninth anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war leads to the legitimization of violent changes in the borders of a sovereign state through military aggression, ethnic cleansing and occupation," the Georgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry believes that Putin's visit to the Republic, bypassing the borders of Georgia, is "a flagrant violation of the norms of international law." The Foreign Ministry called on Russia to "stop provocative actions" against the statehood and territorial integrity of the country.

In addition, the Ministry asked the international community to assess the "Moscow’s aggressive steps" and take measures to ensure that Russia has fulfilled its obligations. Among the commitments, the Georgian Foreign Ministry listed the Ceasefire Agreement of August 12, 2008.

The statement notes that Putin arrived on a working visit to Abkhazia on August 8. The Kremlin did not announce the President's trip until the last day. Putin held a meeting with regional President Raul Khajimba in the Republic. They discussed cooperation between the security forces of Abkhazia and Russia, the maintenance of security for tourists and citizens of the Republic, and collaboration in the health sector. According to Interfax, the presidents agreed on closer coordination of steps to counter security threats in Transcaucasia. Russia is ready to invest six billion rubles in the program in the 2017-2019 time period.

"A joint Russian military base in the territory of Abkhazia continues to play a key role in ensuring stability in the region," Putin said.

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