Geoffrey Pyatt:USA is to increase support to Ukraine

The Ukrainian Government regained the trust of the world by strengthening the country’s economy and the USA is going to provide Ukraine with broader support. The U.S ambassador in Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, stated this during a socio-political forum,“Anniversary of the Coalition Agreement: The Action Plan or Mere Paper?”

The U.S Government intends to provide further help to Ukraine to continue to make positive changes. “I think that we will announce new, greater support,” wrote Pyatt on his Twitter. The fact that the Ukrainian Government has regained the trust of the world regarding its economy is a great achievement. However, according to the diplomat, the main obstacle to continued development in Ukraine is corruption. “It’s like a tumor which keeps Ukraine from developing and reforming,”said the U.S ambassador.

Earlier, U.S President, Barack Obama, signed theCongress approved budget for national defence requirements in the coming year. This budget provides for military support to Ukraine in the amount of $300 million.

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