Finland begins large-scale air force exercise

The annual large-scale exercises of the Finnish Air Force began on Monday, October 10, 2016 as reported by the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle.

The exercises, referred to as ‘Ruska,’ are the largest Air Force exercises of the year. They include 2,600 participants, as well as 1,600 reservists and thousands of Air Force soldiers and airmen.

For the first time, soldiers and aircraft from the Swedish Air Force will also participate in this five-day exercise. As stated by the Lieutenant Colonel of the Finnish Air Force, Henrik Elo, the participation of the Swedes is a part of the deepening military cooperation between the two countries.

The exercises will involve 30 Hornet fighters, 15 Hawk attack aircraft as well as NH90 army helicopters. Six Gripen fighters were also sent from the Air Force of Sweden to Finland.

  Finland, exercises


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