Factories in eastern Ukraine repossessed by Russia.

A list of Ukrainian factories repossessed by Russia and moved out of Luhansk region in the east of Ukraine was published by MIGnews.com.ua.
Almost all of the most valuable high-tech equipment in the occupied territory of Luhansk has been dismantled and removed to Russia.

In August of 2014 residents of eastern Ukraine were able to see the true face of the "Russian world".  As noted by the "Public Union of Donbass "on their Faceboook page.
"Donbass residents could see a real robbery ... " Topaz " - Donetsk factory wide known for its developments in the field of military electronic warfare systems was taken apart. Since then, an oganized looting of Donbass has been taken to a "pandemic" level".

"Less economically powerful Luhansk region" has suffered the most in the hands of pro-russian armed groups.

The following enterprises are reported to have vanished:
- Luhansk machinebuilding factory: removed to Russia;
- Factory"100": removed to Russia;
- GP CDBMB "Donets" known for its crystals growing technologies: removed to Russia;
- "Horizon" - Luhansk mine-rescue equipment factory: all machinery cut for scrap;
- "Lugcentrokuz": production frozen and can not be restored due to a low voltage in the system;
- "Transmash": production frozen;
- "Luganskteplovoz": privatized by a Russian company, production stopped;
- "Polipak": removed to Russia;
- "Marshal" - removed to Russia, facilities use as a Repair Base and storage for russian artillery;
-  Lugansk Tube Plant: production stopped, machinery cut for scrap;
- "Vtorchermet": machinery cut for scrap;
- Luhansk Rolling Shafts plant: partially destroyed, survived machinery prepared for removal to Russia;
- Bryanskovsky Mining Machine Repair plant (the city of Bryanka): completely cut for scrap;
- Chernuhinskaya locomotives stock depot (so-called "car shed"): cut into the metal (including cars and railways);
- "Yunost" space defense factory: removed to Russia;
- Luhansk foundry: cut for scrap metal.
- "ProkatServis" roll mill: plundered;
-  Auto Valves plant: plundered;
- Luhansk Aircraft Repair Plant: removed to Russia;
- "LugaTerm": plundered;
- Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant: cut for scrap;
- Stakhanov Wagon Works: manufacturing frozen;
- Lugansk pharmaceuticals plant: allegedly produces illegal medications;

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, more than 300 tons of metal and pipes has been seized by pro-russian armed groups in Donetsk.

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