Expert: The Kerch Strait Bridge under construction by Russia can collapse any time

The construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge between the Russian Taman peninsula and the annexed Crimea causes serious concerns, as stated by ecologist, Olexandr Sokolenko.

The expert said that even in Soviet times no one built a bridge there because of the peculiar landscape of the sea bottom, which can cause the bridge to collapse.

"No wonder that in the days of the war the fascists were unable to build it. Nobody took up this project in Soviet times, because there is a very complex geology there... Karst cavities (fissures and pockets) are located at the bottom of the Kerch Strait. They are 20-30 meters in size, making the bridge construction very difficult," Sokolenko explains.

In addition, the construction of a bridge to the annexed Crimea will influence currents in the Kerch Strait that connects the Azov and Black Seas. This can lead to a disruption of the ecosystem of the seas and create difficulty for marine mammal migration.

At the same time, Sokolenko said that none of the Ukrainian service or inspection officials are monitoring the situation in this region; therefore, it is very difficult to assess the real damage from the construction of the Kerch Bridge.
It became known earlier that the main highway section of the bridge across the Kerch Strait is approximately 70% complete.

  Kerch Strait Bridge, Crimea, Russia, Ukraine