Emergency services of Sevastopol work on heightened alert because of power outages

The press service of the Sevastopol Government, controlled by Russia, reported after a meeting of the Operational Headquarters on Emergency Situations that power outages continue in annexed Sevastopol. The local authorities, controlled by Moscow, explained that these outages are the result of the ongoing work installing the energy bridge from neighboring Russia.

“In this regard, the emergency services of Sevastopol work on heightened alert. The limit (162 MW.) was set for the city at 10 p.m. in connection with the continued work on power grids on the Taman peninsula and the east of Crimea. Short-term, scheduled power outages were imposed, the number of trolleybuses was reduced and street lights were limited,” the Technical Director of Sevastopolenergo, Viktor Shulzhenko, stated at the meeting.

The acting head of the Department of Municipal Economy, Andrey Demin, noted that reserve sources of power at the Vodokanal facility were used in connection with the limited power supply. “In response to short-term power outages, diesel generators were switched on for 20 minutes. All emergency services work on heightened alert,” Andrey Demin noted.

On the 14th of April, the Russian Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak, reported that the third string of the energy bridge from Russia to Crimea was operational.

Russian Pressident Vladimir Putin suggested that the fourth string of the energy bridge from neighboring Kuban to Crimea could be operational in early May. On the 30th of December 2015, energy supplies from Ukraine to Crimea were halted because due to the breakdown of the power pylon in the Kherson region. The power transmission line through which up to 250 MW was transferred has been fully restored.

However, electric power isn’t supplied to Crimea because the contract for energy supplies to the Crimean peninsula from mainland Ukraine expired. Currently, Crimea is supplied through its own power generation, generating sets from Russia and the energy bridge from Kuban. However, the energy bridge cannot support the work load.

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