Eight representatives from Italy visited the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic

The authorities of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) reported the arrival of the first group of foreign tourists to the unrecognized republic. The separatists’ media reported that eight representatives from Italy came to the LPR. It was noted that the tourists arrived with the support of colleagues from Finland. The chairman of the LPR Trade Unions Federation, Oleg Akimov, reported that a sightseeing trip around Luhansk and visit of the mine in Yubileyne settlement were organized for the Italian tourists.

“Our main objective is to provide an opportunity for ordinary foreign citizens to learn, hear and see with their own eyes the realities of people’s lives in our republic, form their own opinion about the situation in the Donbas and then share it with their fellow citizens in their country,” Akimov noted. Oleg Akimov also added that the Italians will see the sights and cultural values of the republic, as well as its productive capacity.

Two other groups of foreigners from France and Finland will visit the republic in October. “It is some sort of friendship program, a creation of opportunities for joint activities in the Donbas and abroad,” Akimov noted.

On a similar note, the trial in absentia against Igor Plotnitsky, the leader of the so-called LPR, recently began in Kyiv.

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