Cabinet of Ministers authorized illegal aircraft to be shot down over the territory of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers authorized the Ukrainian military to open fire on aircraft that illegally violate the state border of Ukraine or are suspected of committing acts of terrorism. This is stated in the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, the press service of the Cabinet reports.

The peacetime duties and tasks of the air defense forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were complemented by the following paragraph:

"Destruction of aircraft of the armed forces of other states, which have violated the state border of Ukraine and used weapons and/or conducted airlifts of personnel or military equipment, including the destruction of unmanned aircraft that violate the state border of Ukraine or are used in the airspace of Ukraine in order to carry out a terrorist act, reconnaissance, jamming or securing illegal armed groups."

The document explained that this decision was made "for adaptation of the basic legislative documents on defense to present-day realities and challenges within the conditions of a "hybrid war" with Russia."

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