Kyiv announces possible sanctions following the 'nationalization' of Ukrainian property in separatist republics

The European Union and the United States can administer sanctions against the possible new owners of Ukrainian enterprises in the Donbas territories that are not under Ukraine's control as stated by the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Konstantin Eliseev, while on air with Inter TV channel.

"It's really about the seizure, I would even say, a corporate raid by the Russian side, by the Russian fighters. Of course, not a single civilized country in the world will recognize this raid. And we are already able to have a clear position, along with the EU member states and the United States, regarding non-recognition – this is the first stage; the second stage will be the introduction of targeted sanctions against those owners and companies, including Russian ones, which have the potential to become owners of Ukrainian enterprises, “ said Eliseev.

According to him, the pro-Russian separatists should think a hundred times over before making such a move.

Previously, "the DPR Council of Ministers" published a list of Ukrainian enterprises in the occupied territories where external management will be introduced.


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