Russian-backed militants shell residential area

A group of militants disguised as Ukrainian ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) fighters shelled residential areas in the Zaytsevo region, reported the ATO press center. The attackers appeared to be one of the pro-Russian, illegal armed groups poorly disguised as Ukrainian servicemen. The militants fired indiscriminately on Zaytsevo’s residential infrastructure using small arms.

“Criminals are trying to mislead local residents, accuse Ukrainian soldiers of ceasefire violations and discredit ATO forces. It is not the first time that criminals execute the orders of their Russian Federation masters,” the press center noted.

Today, Ukrainian servicemen refrained from opening fire though DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) forcestried eight times to lure the ATO forces into retaliating since the start of the day. Earlier reports showed that the situation remained tense because of heavy shelling from tanks and mortars. According to local residents, the shelling lasted non-stop. Snipers are actively working the area. Movement within the settlement has been restricted.

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