Ukrainian headquarters announced details of fighting near Novozvanivka

Ukrainian forces lost two soldiers during the fight near Novozvanivka

On July 23, 2016, Ukrainian forces near Novozvanivka, in the Luhansk region of the Donbas, defended against the attacks of the pro-Russian separatists, and two Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result. The details of the fighting near Novozvanivka were provided by the Ukrainian Headquarters on its Facebook page.

Reportedly, in the morning of July 23, Ukrainian military officials noticed the movement of a sabotage-reconnaissance group of separatists and used small arms fire.

“Two saboteurs were killed and four injured. During the retreat of the sabotage-reconnaissance group, another four occupiers were injured. Military personnel from our observation post took the bodies of the dead saboteurs to their stronghold,” the statement read.

In response, militants opened fire with mortars, grenades, anti-aircraft guns, artillery and tanks. Attacks continued for five hours, and as a result one Ukrainian soldier was killed and four injured.

In the afternoon, a second sabotage-reconnaissance group of up to 20 separatists approached Ukrainian positions.

“Having approached up to 50 meters, saboteurs used small arms fire. Ukrainian soldiers opened fire in response, and as a result Russian occupiers were stopped and they returned to their positions. According to the radio interception, they lost two soldiers and five were injured,” the statement read.

After that, the personnel left the observation post due to the threat of artillery fire. After the attacks stopped, they returned to their positions but, following the restoration of fortification barriers, the military group engaged the separatists. As a result, one more Ukrainian soldier was killed and three were injured. According to a radio interception, the enemy lost five people.

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