1,800 soldiers from 14 countries will take part in Ukrainian-American military exercises

The Rapid Trident-2016 exercises will be conducted in Ukraine. More than 1,800 soldiers from 14 countries will participate.

The press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has reported that the Ukrainian-American exercises will be held from the 27th of June to the 8th of July. It will be held at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC) of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy, on the Yavoriv training ground.

Management of the Lviv garrison, as well as the command of the international military training sector, have asked local residents who have planned recreation activities in this area to understand that there will be certain restrictions in place because of the exercises. The military will also implement enhanced security measures.

In late 2015, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko approved the 2016 exercises, which also include units of the Armed Forces of the country. According to this approval document, units of other countries will take part in the Maple Arch-2016 exercises, the Ukrainian-American Sea Breeze-2016 exercises and the Ukrainian-American Rapid Trident-2016 exercises in the country this year.

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