Netanyahu: Israel’s actions in Syria are not directed against Assad’s army

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Syrian government troops were not originally the target of the Israeli Air Force, but were under attack because they opened fire on Israeli military aircraft.

According to him, Tel Aviv sent a “clear message” to Damascus in advance, demanding that it not interfere with the Israeli Air Force’s attacks on Iranian military facilities in Syria.

“Our actions are directed against Iranian targets in Syria, but if the Syrian army attacks us, we will take action against it. This is exactly what happened,” Netanyau said.

He added that, in addition to the Iranian forces in Syria, several Syrian anti-aircraft missiles, which were fired at the Israeli Air Force, were hit by Israeli aircraft. The prime minister noted that Israel suffered no losses during the operation.

On the night of May 10th, the Iranian military, operating in Syria, fired dozens of missiles on positions of Israeli military in the Golan Heights. Israel struck back, attacking dozens of Iranian military facilities in Syria.

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