NATO ships conduct maneuvers on Black Sea

In the Black Sea, near Odessa, two permanent maritime NATO groups are conducting joint maneuvers, as by Dumskaya news outlet.

Involved in these actions are the SNMG2 Second Permanent Group and the SNMCMG2 Mine Action Group.

“Today, during the exercises, joint maneuvers with helicopter landings were conducted. According to unverified information, Romanian fighters also participated in the exercises,” the publication noted.

It was noted that for the first time in many years, two British warships entered the Black Sea at the same time. The Royal Navy HMS Enterprise H88 survey ship, which accompanied the Turkish TCJ Akcaj M270 mine sweeper, sailed through the Bosporus on January 24. Then they were joined by the Romanian minesweeper ROS Lupu Dinescu M25.

In this formation, the mine group SNMCMG2 went to the Turkish port of Sinop, and then sailed to Constanta.

A week later, on January 31, the British destroyer HMS Duncan D37 arrived. Accompanied by the Turkish TCG Gaziantep M490 and Romanian RoS Regele Ferdinand F221 frigates, the group headed to the same Romanian port.

On February 5, the U.S. conducted a large-scale reconnaissance over the Black Sea, which involved a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft and a strategic RQ-4B Global Hawk drone.

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