NATO Secretary General hopes for rapid solution of a dispute between Ukraine and Hungary

During the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that he is in constant contact with Hungary and Ukraine regarding their dispute over the Ukrainian Education Law, the Voice of America reports. Hungary insists there must be a revision of NATO programs regarding Ukraine.     

Stoltenberg noted that NATO is in constant contact with Ukrainian officials, stating: “I am in constant contact with President Poroshenko, Minister of Foreign Affairs Klimkin and other Ukrainian officials.”

Stoltenberg noted that the meeting of bilateral Ukraine-NATO commission at the ambassadors’ level is scheduled for Monday.

The Secretary General added that the Alliance is aware of Ukrainian and Hungarian disagreements over language laws.

“I was talking with Prime Minister Viktor Orban and President Poroshenko about this issue, and we are in close contact with them,” Stoltenberg stated. “We hope that these disagreements can be solved as soon as possible.”

Stoltenberg noted that most countries managed to balance and respect minority language while also learning the State language.

“I hope that there will be an opportunity to solve the problems related to language law in Ukraine,” NATO Secretary General stated.

The Polish Foreign Minister recently called on Stoltenberg to intervene in the situation between Hungary and Ukraine.

Hungary sent proposals of “the new policy” to NATO regarding Ukraine, which proves, in their words, that “reforming Ukraine failed.”


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