NATO fighters scrambled four times to intercept Russian aircraft over the Baltic last week

NATO fighters, which protect the airspace of the Baltic countries, flew four times to intercept Russian aircraft last week, the Polish Radio reported.

“NATO jets twice (on March 11 and 12) flew to identify the Russian Su-35 and Su-27 fighters, which accompanied Russian passenger planes Tu-134. On March 13 and 14, the fighters scrambled to intercept the Russian An-26 transport jets and one Il-18,” the statement read.

The airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is now being protected by Polish fighters of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission from the Lithuanian air base in Šiauliai and German fighters in the Estonian Ämari Air Base.

There have been several incidents involving Russian aircraft since the beginning of the year, when the Polish F-16 took over a four-month mission to patrol the airspace of the Baltic countries.

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