Media: Yanukovych transferred $36 million out of Ukraine through Swedbank

Swedish television SVT discovered in its investigation that former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych used Swedish bank Swedbank to get money out of Ukraine, DELFI reported.

The information obtained by the investigation indicates that an offshore company associated with Yanukovych had a Swedbank account in Lithuania from 2004 to 2014. The bank deposits were registered in the bank documents as royalties which the Ukrainian president allegedly received for “doubtful” book publications.

Ukrainian officials are particularly interested in 3.7 million euros, a small part of the funds that went through the account of an offshore company that used Swedbank account in Lithuania. Swedbank claims to have hired an external company that will analyze the information provided by the Swedish news program Uppdrag Granskning.

On February 22, the state budget received 1.5 billion hryvnia or over $55 million that was confiscated by the authorities from Yanukovych’s circle.

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