Media: Serbian authorities detain a person suspected of planning Putin's assassination

Serbian security forces detained a man in the town of Novi Pazar in  Southern Serbia, who was suspected of being a militant of Islamic State, reports the Serbian news outlet the Informer citing its source. Serbian Security forces suspect him of plotting to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

According to the newspaper Kurir, 21-year-old Armin Alibashevich was detained by police on January 15. A scoped rifle was found in his backpack, leading the police and the Security Intelligence Agency to search the suspect’s home. An arsenal of weapons and components for making explosive devices were found in the apartment, including components to produce explosives, ready-made explosives, wires and a remote detonator. Alibashevich also kept a flag of the Islamic State and extremist propaganda literature. 

According to Informer’s source, security officials believe that the man intended to organize an attack during Putin’s visit to Serbia. “Serbian security services are examining this case with the utmost care. It is possible that the bomb made by Alibashevich would have been activated somewhere on the day of Putin’s arrival,” the publication’s source said. 

On January 14th, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia stated that maximum-security measures would be taken before the Russian President’s visit. Parking will be prohibited and traffic on the adjacent roads will be closed along his movement route.

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