Media: Poland dissatisfied with statements of Ukrainian ambassador

The Polish government harshly criticized Ukrainian Ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia’s statement about the need to restore the destroyed Ukrainian monuments in Poland, DT.UA reports, citing a source in the Polish government, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to the source, Ukrainian Ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia crossed the red line when he announced on the Polish radio RMF24 that Ukraine will allow Poland to carry out exhumation work only after the restoration of the destroyed Ukrainian monuments in Poland, in particular, in the village Pikulice near Przemysl and the Monastery at Werchrata.

At the same time, Deshchytsia admitted that the ban on carrying out exhumation work is an emotional decision by Kyiv. According to him, the decision was taken after the Polish authorities did not react to the destruction of the Ukrainian monuments.

“In Warsaw, Ambassador Deshchytsia’s statement has caused people’s disgust. This is the assessment of both the leaders of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Polish government,” the source said.

“Warsaw’s disappointment with Kyiv and its approaches to the policy of historical memory is growing,” the source added.

According to the anonymous source, Poland perceived Deshchytsia’s statement as blackmail. “Warsaw will not speak to Kyiv under conditions of blackmail – to Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko in the first place. Poland does not trust the Ukrainian side,” the source said.

Earlier, Grigory Kupriyanovich, the head of the Ukrainian Society in Lublin was questioned in the prosecutor’s office of the city of Zamost’s about his statements during a commemoration event in Sahryń in memory of the Ukrainian inhabitants of this village killed by Polish militants in March 1944.

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