Media: Hungarian passports secretly issued to Ukrainians in the Hungarian consulate in Zakarpattia

In the consulate of Hungary in Berehove, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukrainians have been secretly receiving Hungarian passports, reported by Ukrinform, referring to a video obtained from their own sources.

According to the publication, while receiving their second citizenship, which is officially prohibited in Ukraine, Ukrainians publicly swear allegiance to Hungary. After getting a passport, these new Hungarian citizens drink celebrate with champagne.

“I swear that I consider Hungary my homeland. I will be a faithful citizen, protect and serve Hungary. May God help me,” new citizens repeat three times against the background of the Hungarian flag.

During the registration of documents, the Hungarian diplomat encourages the citizens of Ukraine to not report the receipt of the documents to the Ukrainian authorities.
There is no reaction from the Hungarian diplomatic department to the situation yet. Meanwhile, the Hungarian Embassy in Kyiv sent a similar request to their ministry. 
“If they want, then possibly they will answer you” replied the interlocutor of the embassy.


  Ukraine, Zakarpattia, Hungary