Media: Despite sanctions Russia continues using Dutch microchips in production of its weapons

Despite tough sanctions, microchips produced by Dutch companies still make their way to Russia, according to a journalistic investigation by NOS and Nieuwsuur.

"Many millions" of microchips that were reportedly supplied to the Russian Federation from the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine until December inclusive.

According to journalists, exports are carried out through intermediaries. Several hundred shipments were sent to three Russian companies associated with defense sector. Chips from the Netherlands have been found in Russian weapons.

Journalists gained access to sales data, talked with the chip manufacturers, government agencies, experts, and researchers, and also gained access to confidential documents.

The article claims that there is a clear scheme when a small group of Chinese companies buy chips in the Netherlands and export them month after month to Russia. Despite tough sanctions, there has been no decline in exports in recent months.

Chips supplied to the Russian Federation are mainly produced by large manufacturers - NXP and Nexperia. NXP chips were recently discovered in a disassembled Russian armored howitzer, cruise missile and an attack helicopter. NXP and Nexperia chips were also found in Russian drones, and the NXP chip was found in an Iranian kamikaze drone.

The companies say that they comply with sanctions rules and do not do business with Russia. Their customers are also prohibited from selling chips to Russia. However, the companies note that they are powerless if the chips that NXP and Nexperia annually produce in multibillion-dollar quantities around the world end up in Russia as a result of parallel trade.

CNN reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden created a large working group to investigate how Western technologies, including microelectronics from the United States, are used in Iranian drones that Russia uses against Ukraine.

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