Media: Before G20 summit, Putin was offered a draft proposal for a ‘peace agreement’ with Ukraine

Before the G20 summit, Russian president Vladimir Putin was given a draft peace agreement with Ukraine, which stated that Russia should withdraw from all the occupied territories of Ukraine, including the Donbas. The proposal was handed over by one of the countries involved in mediating the negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

"Before the G20 summit, Putin received from one of the intermediary countries a framework proposal for a possible "deal," writes Ukrainska Pravda.

As for Crimea, it was proposed to take this issue out of the deal. Crimea and Ukraine’s accession to NATO would be discussed separately during the next 7 years.

The Kremlin was expected to show the seriousness of its intentions by agreeing to another point of the deal, which demands that Russia stops all missile attacks on Ukraine. However, after the massive missile strikes that occurred on November 15, this proposal lost its relevance.

During his speech at the 77th UN General Assembly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky presented the Ukrainian formula for peace. According to him, it may be beneficial for those countries that can find themselves in situations similar to the Ukrainian one.

Ukraine's peace formula consists of several points: holding Russian accountable for its aggression, obtaining resources to protect lives and liberate its territories, restoring security and territorial integrity, obtaining security guarantees allowing a potential victim and its partners to defend themselves.

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