Lukashenko: Belarus does not intend to take part in Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine

The Belarusian army did not take part in the Russian "special operation" against Ukraine and does not plan to do so, said Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, reports the Telegram channel Pool 1.

"The Belarusian army did not take part in the "special operation" and does not intend to do it," Lukashenka said and added that Belarus is protecting the state border from Brest to Mazyr on its own.

"The hybrid war that has been started against Belarus, especially the sanctions war in the economy and finance, is for a long time. They clutch us with a concrete grip. This is what President Putin and I talked about for two hours today. They holding on and won't let go until they think we are finished. You get the idea. They are pushing us into the war in Ukraine. If only we intervened now in this conflict, where we are not expected, it would be a gift for them," Lukashenko said.

As Ukrainian intelligence reported, Russia is preparing to bring Belarusian troops into Ukraine. Kyiv did not rule out a preventive strike on Belarus.

  Lukashenko, Belarus, Ukraine