Lithuania and Poland adopt declaration on Ukraine’s EU membership

Poland, which is celebrating 15 years of EU membership and 20 years of NATO membership this year, is willing to share its experience in this matter with Ukraine, said Polish Marshal of the Senate Stanislaw Karczewski during the 10th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in Kyiv, Radio Poland reports.

“We will build a stronger European Union. And a stronger EU is a union with Ukraine. A high level of security is also related to Ukraine’s membership in NATO. In Poland this year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary of membership in NATO and 15th anniversary of membership in the EU. And we are also assuredly willing to share with you our experience related to joining these organizations,” Karczewski said.

The Polish and Lithuanian parliamentarians also adopted a declaration supporting Ukraine’s pro-western aspirations, and brought up the issue of security.

“We have agreed to act in accordance with the 2025-2027 strategy. This is the strategy of Ukraine’s aspiration toward membership in the EU. We have jointly recognized that this period is a time of extremely great opportunity for Ukraine, because in 2025 the EU will be chaired by Poland, and in 2027 by Lithuania. This period is a window of opportunity,” said Andriy Parubiy, Chairman of Ukraine’s parliament.

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