Libyan Interior Ministry: Russian Pantsir missile system belonging to Khalifa Haftar army has been destroyed

The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha said that one of the Russian-manufactured Pantsir air defense systems had been destroyed in Libya, reports news outlet. According to Bashagha, the system was installed on a German-made chassis which was allegedly made for the UAE's order, which points that the missile system was brought from that country.

Earlier, it was reported that the troops of the Libyan National Army, headed by Khalifa Haftar, have one Russian-made Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun system. It is assumed that the missile system was delivered to Libya from the United Arab Emirates.

Over the past few days, Bashagha has repeatedly brought up the Russian involvement in the Libyan war. Recently, he said that Moscow was "adding fuel to the fire" of the Libyan conflict by sending mercenaries and weapons to the country.

Libya still does not have a single government. The internationally recognized government is located in Tripoli. It controls Libya's capital and some other territories.

The second government is in the city of Tobruk. It is header by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar who launched an unsuccessful attempt to take over Tripoli in April. Russia is in close contact with Haftar, and some Arabian monarchies also tacitly support him.

Also, several tribal and militant groups, including ISIS, are active in Libya in several territories. They control certain areas of the country and do not obey any of the governments, 

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