Leader of Right Sector: Ukraine will take back all its territories

Ukraine will certainly regain all its ethnic lands, including the annexed Crimea and the Donbas, as stated by the People's Deputy Dmytriy Yarosh on his Facebook page.

He thanked all Ukrainians who support the "sacred fight for the state and Ukrainian law."

We have a lot of problems in Ukraine. With time, we will solve them. But we are a nation (and for the dead, and living, and unborn, my countrymen in Ukraine and not only in Ukraine), which lives and fights both on this God-given land and beyond its borders, and us Ukrainians - tens of millions throughout the globe. In the times of total globalization, it is very important," Yarosh wrote.

The People's Deputy is confident that Ukraine will also return the Kuban, which is now part of the Russian Federation.

“We - the Ukrainians - will definitely return the Donbas, Crimea, Kuban, and other Ukrainian ethnic lands occupied by Moscow. We will win in the original war of good and evil, because we are invincible! Because the truth is with us, and consequently, God is with us!” Yarosh concluded.

  Yarosh, Right Sector, Ukraine